Dear Students and Parents,

This year I want encourage more students to participate in more tournaments. I believe competition is a fundamental part of your overall karate training that allows you to develop the fighting spirit. Tournaments push you out of your comfort zone, and while that doesn’t always sound pleasant, it is necessary for growth and for you to reach your full potential.

Download here: 2015 WADO Champions Membership

Thus, we have decided to offer our students a new program starting this year called Wado-Ryu Champions. By paying a membership fee of $50, members of this program will only pay $30 out-of-pocket per tournament (normally $45-60). After a student attends at least 7 tournaments within the year, they receive a free heavy weight 100% cotton canvass gi. And if you sign up before January 31st, you also receive a free pair of gloves or equipment bag (worth $30-45). If you are interested in this program, please e-mail me or see me in person. I will have a sign-up sheet.

PATMA Membership is required for Wado-Ryu Champions members, and I highly encourage everyone else to purchase this Membership as well because it pays for itself after one use. PATMA Members receive $10 off all PATMA Tournaments and membership costs only $10 before February 8th.

Our first PATMA tournament will be the Te-Kenjutsukai Tournament at Whittier College Gym on February 8! So sign up, come train, and be ready to win some gold medals!

If you have any questions or would like more information about anything, please let me know.

Thank you,