Dear Students and Parents,

The new session starts this week. Orange, yellow, and blue belts should be signed up for the 5:45-6:30 class, and blue stripe to red belt for 5:45-7:15. For students with red stripe, brown and black belts, classes are 6:30-8:15 on Thursday and 6:30 – 7:45 on Friday.

We have recently added NEW CLASSES for Monday. Class times are the same as Thur & Fri.

If you learning a new kata this session, it is highly recommended that you have an instructional DVD so you can practice at home.

DVD #1 is basic techniques and kihon kata, #2 Is all pinan kata, #3 is all advanced kata and combination techniques, and #4 is weapon kata and self-defense. These DVDs can be purchased from me before or after class.

Thank you