Deanna Pagaduan

: Laguna Niguel

    My name is Deanna Pagaduan. I am 14 years old and I have been training at the Wado-Ryu dojo in Laguna Hills for seven years. Now, I am a Shodan black belt. I was inspired by the higher belts to work hard and I wanted to be just like them, but being in high school and having a ton of activities I resorted  to spending  less time in the dojo.

    I had to put karate on hold for a while. However, I was determined to get a black belt which have always been my dream, so I decided to show up in the Dojo every chance I got and the result was finally getting my Shodan this year. Karate taught me some things that I will never forget. Discipline and respect. Discipline made me have a better attitude and behavior towards others, and respect made me acknowledge people more.